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  • Opportunity

    The process begins with a request for service, a part, new equipment, and/or rental.

  • Delivery

    Parts, personnel, and information are assimilated and dispatched. Service performed. Invoice sent.

  • Acccountability

    Inventory and accounting updated. Leadership manages business data using reports and dashboards.


Start with your customer

Focus on the simple, care for the complex – that is the foundation of FieldServio. Begin with a task that your customer has requested.  Notice managing and scheduling service request has a similar process foundation to managing a sales pipeline. Leveraging these process synergies allows FieldServio to aid you in simplifying your processes and your business.
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  • Increase contract renewals through enhanced sales and service collaboration
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and improving resolution rates
  • Provide complete visibility to contract status and performance
  • Allow users to log changes, quotes and claims as change orders and bill change orders as part of a job
  • Quote jobs as either a fixed or not-to-exceed cost
  • Improve ability to ‘know your customer’ by seeing all facets of your customer relationships throughout your organization with true CRM functionality
  • Develop proposals driven by pre-defined tasks and processes
  • Quotes created by salespeople or technicians are tracked, managed, and are seamlessly integrated into the job flow upon acceptance
  • Create purchase orders from the field
  • Generate work orders and easily track maintenance required on equipment or services

The key to customer satisfaction

Delivery is the heart of any field service business.  Get it wrong, you are done.  Get it right, you are profitable and growing. FieldServio focuses on the simple in Delivery by providing real time information and orchestration that puts the right people and materials in the right situation at the right time to service customer requests as efficiently and (cost) effectively as possible.  This ultimate creates two desired outcomes –  happy customers and company revenue.
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  • Decrease the average repair time by sending the right tech with the right information
  • Increase mobile productivity through detailed knowledge and service history
  • Optimize team effectiveness through more accurate dispatch and scheduling
  • Empower project managers with information through simplifying the tracking of proposes change orders and approved change orders
  • Streamline the management of preventive maintenance contracts
  • Easily drag and drop to adjust work schedules for new or emergency work
  • Provide new levels of service by segmenting your work and the costs for fixed-cost package work or use phased services and track invoices by phase completed
  • Analyze current and past projects to improve efficiencies
  • Store, retrieve, and attach files of almost any format (CAD drawing, MS Office, PDF, photographs and other scanned images) to service call, customer record, equipment history, maintenance contract, or other fields
  • Drag and drop work order assignments
  • Provide technicians with mobile access to appointments, customer and equipment history



Real-time information drives results

With information flowing automatically, seamlessly, leadership can make decisions that growth revenue and profits.
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  • Grow service revenue and profitability by completing more jobs per day
  • Increase technician utilization and reduce costs and overtime by optimizing scheduling
  • One-click invoicing and closing of service requests speeds up cash flow and decreases DSO
  • Increase service revenue with complete customer visibility enabling cross-selling
  • Real-time inventory management reduces overstocking and investment in parts
  • Seamless integration to accounting removes errors due to inaccurate data
  • Decrease in field service costs through increased first-time-fix rate
  • Reduce costs by removing duplicate software costs with an Enterprise solution
  • Increase cash flow with improved collection processes, vendor discount visibility and customer/vendor controls
  • Achieve more accurate revenue recognition by determining percentage of completion (POC) based on actual and forecasted labor hours