Accounting and Financial Management

FieldServio’s Accounting and Financial Management capability is designed to provide a complete solution for managing your accounting and finance and is at the heart of FieldServio’s single system platform. Many companies have their accounting system at the base of their operations and have discovered that more is needed to manage Sales, Operations, Contracts and Rentals.  


In many cases this requirement has led them to choose multiple system solutions. This approach by definition leads to redundancy of data and in most cases data entry not to mention opening a well of possible mistakes and disconnects.  Some systems in these multiple system environments offer automated import and export of data to combat the data entry redundancies. These imports and exports are often cumbersome and hard to maintain leaving companies to stay with older, less feature rich solutions, to avoid further integration Issues. At best, you avoid interruptions, but it comes with an opportunity cost. More robust real-time integrations can be costly and lead to the same issues with maintenance, but also the problems in connecting looser, less disciplined, operations system to highly disciplined accounting systems. 


The fact that FieldServio Accounting and Financial Management is at the core of the single system, key data points can be gathered and disciplines enforced at the point that is most efficient. For example, because the CRM system uses the same Customer record as Accounting we know that a Customer is on Credit Hold. The sales person knows the issue and can deal with the customer in a way that prevents an issue further into the process when expectations have been formed. This knowledge can be provided to the sales person in a way that is helpful without making the entire Accounting System available to them.  This feature saves countless hours of sifting through the Journal Detail to determine issues with incorrect Product Line assignments as an example. Other special features around transfer assets from Inventory to Rental fleets, tracking the depreciation on the rental units and then transferring them to Used Inventory at the correct cost basis if they are sold takes multiple manual Journal Entries in traditional solutions, whereas with FieldServio it can all be managed in a single click. 


Critical to the success of every business, the Accounting and Financial Management component offers key features that allow for visibility at the Job and Invoice level of the supporting General Ledger transactions, which include:

  • Flexible and User Configurable Chart of Accounts that provides for Company, Division, Office, and Departmental Account Codes

  • Extensive Accounts Payable Interface linked to operational receipt of goods

  • Extensive Accounts Receivable that provides visibility into Operations for Credit Status, Available Credits and Deposits

  • Complete General Ledger with configurable reoccurring transactions

  • Flexible Formatting, Filtering and Production of base Accounting Reports

    • Income Statement / Profit & Loss

    • Balance Sheet

    • Journal Detail

    • Trial Balance

    • AP and AR Aging

  • Banking Management

    • Multiple types of accounts

    • Track deposits

    • Line of credits

    • Reconciliation

  • Check writing and ACH 

    • Print checks directly from FieldServio

    • Generate ACH batches and upload to your bank