Inventory Management

FieldServio’s Inventory Management capability is designed to provide a complete solution for maintaining your inventory. The key features are the efficient ordering, receiving and picking of parts and equipment in the configurable job workflows. Easy and efficient use of thresholds and searches to determine what’s on hand, allocated, on order or in the return process. Job Ordering techniques that reduce the unnecessary receiving and picking of items from inventory for Job orders.   


FieldServio allows for tracking inventory in unlimited warehouses with or without configurable locations such as shelves, bins, etc. Your vehicle inventories can be set up as warehouses and assigned to your technicians where they have access to see and use exactly what is on their vehicle. FieldServio allows you to count your inventory without shutting down operations and provides for single counts, verified counts and cycle counts based on your criteria. Because FieldServio is a total solution with the accounting built it, when inventory transfers or adjustments are made all of the appropriate accounting journal entries are made automatically


Managing all aspects of Purchasing, Transfers, Adjustments, Use and Counts of Inventory, FieldServio’s Inventory Management component includes the following robust features: 

  • Efficient identification of Parts and Equipment inventory availability within the Job Workflows

  • Efficient sourcing of Parts and Equipment on Jobs from Inventory, Stock Orders or Job Orders

  • Automatic creation of Pick Lists, Job Purchase Orders and Stock Orders in the Job Workflows

  • Easy Interface to receive or pick items to Jobs or receive items to Inventory from packing slips or vendor bills.

  • Support to insure received items on packing slips are matched to appropriate vendor bills to insure accurate costing.

  • Supports FIFO, LIFO, Average cost, and Serialized costing methods.

  • Extensive search capabilities to see quantities on hand, allocated to jobs, work in progress, on order or in the return process

  • Unlimited user defined warehouses (including vehicles) with location identifiers such as shelves, bins, drawers etc. 

  • Extensive Inventory Reporting such as Inventory Value, History, Turn and Used

  • Comprehensive Physical Inventory count capabilities that support Single, Verified and Cycle Counts without suspending operations