Mobile Field Technician  

 FieldServio’s Mobile Field Technician capability is designed to provide a complete solution for field technicians. It allows technicians to know the jobs that are assigned to them on schedule. This capability is provided to them via any device (laptop, tablet or smart phone) that provides internet access through a standard internet browser. FieldServio further supports Apple devices with an App available in the App Store. FieldServio Mobile Technician will allow a Technician to work both online (connected to the internet) or offline (not connected). Prior to going offline, the Technician is required to download their jobs they have scheduled for the day to their device. Once the jobs are downloaded the Technician may complete or update their jobs offline. When the jobs are updated the Technician will need to reconnect to the internet and synchronize their jobs for the information to register in the base system.  The Technician will have site and job history available to them when they are offline.


FieldServio Mobile Technician provides the user with all of the tools required to capture information about the work completed on the Job. The information available to update includes Tasks, Parts Used, Time, Expenses, Equipment Metrics, Photographs, Recommendations and Checklists. FieldServio provide the capability for the Technicians to get a Sign Off from the customer on configurable set of items such as Time, Parts Installed, Checklists, etc. This sign off with be emailed to the signee immediately if the technician is online or upon the synchronization when offline.


Supporting every angle in the field and throughout the job, FieldServio’s Mobile Field Technician includes the following robust features:

  • Ability to capture all information required by the technician onsite including tasks, parts used, time, expenses, equipment metrics, photographs, recommendations, checklists, and sign offs.

  • Recommendations captured in the field will be sent to a special dashboard in the system that can be monitored by Sales or Service in order to quickly create additional Service Quotes or Jobs and to insure proper follow up. Alerts can be set up as well to insure attention is given to the recommendations immediately. 

  • Technicians will have access and visibility to the Inventory on their Service Vehicle and can add additional parts to the job from their Inventory.

  • Technicians can be given permission to create and schedule onsite jobs (sometimes necessary in emergencies) 

  • Parts that were assigned to the job and not used by the technician will be placed in the return parts que when the job is completed. Technician can be required to note why a part was not used.