Rental Fleet Management

FieldServio’s Rental Fleet Management capability is designed to provide a complete solution for renting and managing your rental assets. FieldServio provides a rental interface that allows you to see the availability of Rental Assets and create a Rental agreement for the selected asset(s). This agreement is comprehensive in that it allows the user to select accessories that may accompany the rental asset as well as consumables if any are required. Pricing is determined by a user configurable pricing matrix that can be completed at the group or individual asset level and includes user defined factors such as shifts, or environments that can be selected and applied in the contract. Delivery and Pickup jobs can be created as well as any inspection or service jobs that are part of the process and priced into or excluded from the Rental Agreement as necessary. 


A comprehensive proposal can be emailed directly from FieldServio for review and online approval by the customer. Once the approval is received the Rental Contract is activated, the Delivery and Pickup jobs are then available to schedule and dispatch through the normal scheduling and dispatching features. The appropriate invoicing is setup and scheduled to accounting for the term of the Rental Contract. FieldServio provides comprehensive history on the rental assets as to their rental history and profit and loss over the lifetime of the asset.  FieldServio also provides for the transfer of Inventory to the Rental Fleet, maintains the depreciation of the assets and will transfer the rental asset back to Used Inventory with the appropriate cost basis for Accounting should the asset be sold. 


Supporting a complete workflow for renting assets from sales through delivery and pickup/return, FieldServio’s Rental component includes the following robust features:

  • Easily Configurable Rental Assets that support user defined grouping of assets, metrics on the equipment and rental factors such as multiple shifts etc.

  • Complete tracking of costs and income for the rental assets including maintenance, depreciation and expenses.

  • Comprehensive Rental Schedule that provides a complete visual representation of available and rented assets.

  • Ability to build rental asset specific Rental Proposals and or Contracts that includes all items such as equipment, accessories, consumables and delivery/pickup jobs.

  • Email proposals to customers directly from the system with an electronic approval capability that allows customers to immediate approve and sign off on the Agreement. 

  • Tracks the profitability of rental contracts and rental assets.

  • Tracks and accounts for scheduled maintenance and support jobs (Customer or Company paid)

  • Complete and flexible invoicing of rental contract terms (Contract, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)