Service and Operations Management

FieldServio’s Service Management capability is designed to provide a complete solution for managing the delivery workflow for both the Service “Break Fix” and Preventive Maintenance business. The key features are the efficient and configurable workflows that allow the many different types of Jobs to proceed quickly through the process. With the user defined work flow and statuses, FieldServio can move a Job through the prescribed workflow, insure complete visibility as to where the Job is in the process and determine and assign the next steps accordingly.   


FieldServio allows for you to identify the parts required either by a Service Coordinator in the office or a technician in the field and source these parts accordingly from either a supplier or from available Inventory in the appropriate warehouse or the technician’s vehicle. 


The complete Purchasing, Receiving and Management of the Inventory and Job Orders is built in to the configured workflows to insure Jobs can be scheduled and completed as efficiently as possible. 


FieldServio has a flexible interface for scheduling Jobs to the Technicians based on availability and technical ability. Technicians will access their jobs for the day or week through the FieldServio Technician App. The technician app will allow them to work both online, when connected to the internet or offline when they are not keeping them productive no matter the circumstance. All information will be captured and then synched when they reconnect. Configured Dashboards and or special reports allow you will track just how productive your technicians by seeing key performance indicators such as their total time vs their billable time.


Managing all aspects of the Service, Scheduling and Day to Day functionality, FieldServio’s Service and Operations component includes the following robust features: 

  • Quick Entry of Service Requests that capture the customer, the location, the equipment and the issue for the call.

  • Efficient identification and addition of parts (if known) required on the job by the Service Coordinator either through Model Templates or Linked Items. Linked Item are items that have been installed previously on the identified equipment.

  • Flexible workflows that allow the Service Coordinator to skip parts identification and schedule/dispatch technician to inspect and diagnose the issue and determine parts.

  • Ability to have custom checklist that can be attached to any Job that the technician can complete and attach to the Customer sign off for the Job. These checklists are saved as part of the Job History and available for review and attachment to Invoices, if desired.

  • Create and email Service quotes from FieldServio directly to the customer for online approval.

  • Efficient sourcing of parts for the Job from Inventory, Job Order or Stock Order. User will see

  • anywhere parts are available for sourcing including warehouses, service vehicles, other Jobs not yet in progress or on current Stock Orders

  • User defined workflows and corresponding Job and Purchase Order Statuses that can be automatically advanced by actions that occur in the systems such as receiving parts.

  • User configured Dashboards that help manage the workflow and assist with the handoffs from one responsible party to the next (i.e. Parts to Scheduling).

  • Job level and Calendar View scheduling make it easy to schedule and reschedule Jobs to different Technicians/different dates. (Simple “drag and drop” method)

  • Job Review process for Service Coordinators to review Jobs determine billable time, parts etc. and format the Invoice. Items on the invoice can be group or displayed individually based on preference.

  • Configurable workflow to allow Coordinator to create invoices and present to Accounting for review and approval.

  • Support for the return of parts not used on the job through a comprehensive return que that allows the user to determine destination of the part (back to Inventory, Return to Supplier, add to Service Vehicle Inventory of the Technician). Restocking fees and return freight are support and credits to the customer generated in necessary.