PM Service Contract Management

FieldServio’s PM Service Contract Management capability has a myriad of features to support the creation and delivery of services for PM Contracts. FieldServio supports multiple types of user defined Service Contracts. The user has ability to setup the various types of contracts with the appropriate service schedules and invoicing schedules necessary to deliver on and invoice for the contract. FieldServio provides the complete history of the contract and its associated Jobs and Invoices in a single view, along with the running profitability graph of the contract since its inception. 


Purchasing and Receiving features in FieldServio allow you to build Stock Orders combining all or any of your scheduled PM jobs into a single order. The parts on this stock order are designated to the appropriate job and are received to the Job rather than Inventory. This staging streamlines the process of receiving into and picking out of Inventory, eliminating additional step and possible errors. The same economies exist in FieldServio for scheduling and dispatching of the monthly PM Jobs. The Jobs are there and ready to be scheduled once the parts are received. Nothing can fall through the cracks. Comprehensive Dashboards can be configured to show you monthly PM jobs broken out and your progress towards completing the jobs and meeting your commitments.  


Constructing the creation and deliverable options for maintaining customers’ equipment, FieldServio’s PM Service Contract Management component includes the following robust features: 

  • Easy User configuration of multiple types of PM Service Contracts that can be pay as you go, invoiced monthly, invoiced quarterly, or invoiced annually.

  • Quick Setup of PM Service Contracts that capture the customer, location, equipment supported under the contract. FieldServio supports single or multiple pieces of equipment per contract.

  • Create and email Proposal for PM Service Contracts from FieldServio directly to the customer for online approval.

  • User configurable Service Schedules that allow for the easy setup of PM jobs via job templates, copying Jobs, or reoccurrence.

  • User configurable Invoicing Schedules that allow for the easy setup of PM Invoices for those contracts that are invoiced periodically. Pay as you go Contracts are invoiced through the normal service workflow but are still linked to the appropriate contract for reporting.

  • Extensive Service history maintained for the Contract with access to all completed and pending PM Jobs for the Contract.

  • Dashboards and Searches available to identify when contracts are expiring or up for renewal. FieldServio supports the extension of existing contracts or requirements to create new contracts for the renewal.

  • Provides a comprehensive overall view of the profitability of the contract for future renewals and pricing.